Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oliver at 16 weeks

Full of personality, Oliver is the kids' favorite. He is willing to please and loves to play any game you offer. He is sooo handsome, he is a joy to look at.

Luke at 16 weeks

Luke is striking and elegant and such an incredible mover he takes my breath away.

April at 16 weeks

April is a red terrorist. She is full of life and willing to launch it at anyone.

Sam at 16 weeks

Sam is the image of his father, Dirk, with a little more angle. He is dear sweet and lovey.

Tired Puppies

Well, at least April and Luke were tired!

These puppies love to love

After all this activity, us arriving, Jazzie visiting and Beth and the girls getting there, you would think the pups would be a little tired. But... these puppies are never too tired for a little love and play. Here they are with Beth, AD, Serena, Jim and Elizabeth.

Then came Grace and Elizabeth

Almost as soon as Jazzie and her family left, Grace and Elizabeth showed up ... so of course, more swimming.